Final Com 210 Wrap Up

The final week of the semester is now upon us, and with that being said throughout this semester my favorite project in Communications 210 was working with adobe premiere and having to complete a final video. This project was not only fun to work on but also challenged me to be creative. Another project I loved working on was creating our own logo. This project in my opinion taught me how to make a design with different layers and could be very helpful in the future. There were multiple skills I developed while using different adobe softwares for this class that I had never used before. A few of my favorite things I learned was how to add a title to a video and how to add transitions to each clip. Also I enjoyed working with layers. In the future I would hope to become a communications major and I believe that this course has helped develop writing skills needed for my future in the communications program. At the beginning of the semester I regret not going to office hours to figure out how to do the first units tutorials. One application that made this class a lot easier was “Quicktime,” which allowed me to record audio and videos. It was nice knowing that you could always go to office hours if you felt like you were off track in the class or just had a general question on an assignment. I thought that our instructor for this course was a fair grader and always answered any questions I had. Overall I thought that this course was very helpful and the knowledge I learned will come in very handy in the future. I am leaning towards an internship over the summer that asked to get familiar with the website “Wordpress,” which is awesome because we have been using it all semester.


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