Final Video Project


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              Like I stated earlier, I wanted this video story to reflect a huge part of who I am. Going along with my blog theme of “About Me” I chose to do a video that tours my fraternity, Pike Kappa Alpha, aka “Pike”. Throughout this video I hope to give my viewers a glimpse of what life is like inside Pike and so if anyone ever finds themselves inside, they do not get lost. I chose to do a walk through format, starting with the outside and then going in to give my watchers an idea of what was going on. I also chose to add in a slide at the beginning that says what the video is going to be about so everyone has a general idea before they start watching what it is going to be about.

All of the footage for this video was collected on my iPhone six shot horizontally. I attempted to hold my phone as close to my body as a could to avoid camera “shakiness”. Therefore, I suggest if you are having trouble with video clarity like I did, I would try to tuck your elbows into your sides and hold your camera or phone as close to your body as possible. I utilized the cut tool in my editing progress to switch between different parts of the house seamlessly and also added in special effects to make the transitions more exciting. In addition I also added voice over effects to my video, which covers the different aspects of our house and gives people a further insight into what my fraternity is like. I utilized Quick Player to add in the voice over after the video so it would have better quality.  

In conclusion, by the end of my final video I hope that my viewers had the opportunity to get to know a different side of Nick Salle. By taking a tour of my fraternity, Pike, I hope people understand how important this organization is to me and how it is a big part of my life.



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