My House


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For my draft video story I chose to give my blog viewers an inside look into my fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike).  Since my whole blog is “About Me”, I chose to film my fraternity because it is such a big part of who I am. Pike has created a home away from and I could not imagine my college experience here at Washington State University without it.  

I found my inspiration for this video by watching other Communications 210 videos online.  One that stuck out to me was a video of girl seeing London through her eyes, and I thought that it would be a cool idea for people to see my fraternity through mine. All of the video for this story was captured through my iPhone flipped vertically. I started my video with an establishing shot, outside the fraternity so people could understand where I was.  In addition for this draft story no B-Roll film was used, just A-Roll.  I also used a dissolve when I used the pinwheel to transition from one location to another.

One challenge I had while filming was sound. I wanted to go in and film the house first, and then add in background voices later. However, because there are over thirty guys living in the house people ended up yelling as I was filming, saying hi, or just talking in the background.  Luckily, Adobe Premiere allows me to separate audio from film, so I could turn down the volume that was added due to background noise. So, if any of you are struggling with this in the future, you could always go in and do what I did after the fact, or you could try to film at a quiet time, or film while the volume is on mute.

By the end of my draft story I hope my viewers will be able to understand and see what a major part of my life is like (Pike), and through doing this able to know me better.


One thought on “My House

  1. After giving feedback to some of my fellow Com 210 classmates I realized that there are a lot of things I could have done to make my video story great. To start I realized that it would have been key to have added a title and a concluding statement at the beginning and end of the video. Also thinking about adding some sort of background music that fits well with my recording but to also make sure you can hear my voice clearly narrating. I still really like my idea of filming the house, but I think I could do a lot better job recording the video. One key feature I didn’t take advantage of was using the time lapse effect to speed up or slow down a certain frame. By using that effect it would allow for more footage in your video without going over the time limit for this project.


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