Final Audio Story

For my final audio story I chose to expand on my draft story of interviewing my two best friends, Kyle Lobster and Paige Brandon. Again, this story could be considered an “acts and tracks” basic radio story. Like I stated in my draft story, the clips of Paige and Kyle could be considered actualities.  However, for my final I chose to add in some guitar music, that I personally played, as background sound to the beginning and end of the audio track. Some of the suggestions that were given to me by my peers were to extended the length of my story, and edit out the “ums” and “uhs” as well to increase the volume of my story. In my final story I tried to fix these mistakes as much as possible. For starters I utilized the razor tool to edit out as many of the “uhs” and “ums” that were possible. In addition I extended the length of my story by adding onto my interview with Kyle. Lastly, I spoke more directly into the microphone on my computer, which made the volume of my story increase.

        The basic outline of my final story is, I open with an introduction about who I am talking about, Paige then describes the food at Whitworth University, and then Kyle talks about his experience of living in a fraternity and, the hard classes he is taking. Finally, my story concludes by me summarizing what the recording is about as well as closing guitar music that I personally played. Although I did not personally talk about myself in the story, I felt like it was better just having both my friends be interviewed. My listeners can learn a lot about me through what my friends are like. I have known Paige for a very long time, and I am in the same fraternity as Kyle. Overall, I am very proud of my final audio story and I am thankful that both of my friends could help me out with this project.


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