Draft Audio Story

For my audio story, I chose to interview two of my closest friends, Kyle Lobster and, Paige Brandon. These interviews are about their college experiences and they relate to my topic of “All About Me” because my listeners are hearing first hand information about two of my dearest peers. This story could be considered an “acts and tracks” basic radio story.  In addition the pieces of interviews from Kyle and Paige are examples of actualities. And the scripted introduction by me introducing the two interviewees is a narration. I edited my sound clips for my audio story on Adobe Audition by, cutting out pauses in the interview by using the “cut tool” as well as, shortening the length of each interview, and I chose to put together the most complete “thoughts” from each interview into one piece to create the most comprehensive story I could.  Some challenges I had to overcome when creating this audio story were, finding the right audio clips to use and, knowing when a piece of audio needed to be edited. Some tips that I would suggest in order to avoid stumbling over these problems would be, if a clip has a long pause or a “filler word (um) in it then cut it. Also record separate small interview clips and put them together to avoid mistakes. Also if an interviewee’s first answer to a question does not make a lot of sense then ask them to answer the question a second time, and they usually respond much better. I settled on interviewing my two best friends for my audio draft story because, both of these people encompass who I am as a person. And listeners have the chance to get to know my friends better, while at the same time, also learning more about who I am.


3 thoughts on “Draft Audio Story

  1. For my audio draft I chose to interview my girlfriend Paige Brandon and one of my best friends Kyle Lobster. I chose them because I think that they know me the best and because my topic for this semester it is “About Me.” I interviewed them on what they thought about their schools this year. After hearing my groups drafts and read what they said about how they constructed their draft I realized that there are some things to make my final even better. I don’t think that I clarified how my interviews are related to my topic. I think that by adding something in the introduction of my interviews that says why I chose two of my best friends for this assignment would really help. In addition to that I think that I should add some background music that fades in and out. I feel that my interview was organized nicely. I think that I can use the same interviews for my final draft but also adding and editing audio will be needed.


  2. Hey Nick!

    I really like how you have two different people in your interview, as well as a little bit of a narrative from yourself as well. My only suggestions are as follows: I would say that it would be a really good idea to try and go back and edit out as many of the “um’s” and “uh’s” as you can, that way it sounds more precise and to the point and not quite as laid back as an audio interview should be. I also think that it would be beneficial if you added a little bit more about yourself into your audio story, since your blog is supposed to be about you! Lastly, you may want to try and make it just a tad longer, which is where talking a little bit more about yourself could come in! I think that just making these slight adjustments would make your audio story even that much better! You’re already off to a great start!


  3. Nick, I think the way you went about your introduction was very creative. I really like how you said “live from downtown Pullman” because that is so unique to the other stories I’ve heard. I also enjoyed listening to your draft since I did something very similar. I think you tied your interviews back to your college experience very well. One thing I think would improve your story would be by increasing the volume. It is somewhat difficult for me to hear even when I have my audio to full volume. Another critique I have for you is to use the razor tool to cut out the “umms” which is one of the main things we are supposed to edit out. It is not that distracting but I thought I would remind you so you do not get knocked down. I think you put a lot of effort into your draft and I wish you the best for your final draft.


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