My House

  Untitleddocument (2) For my draft video story I chose to give my blog viewers an inside look into my fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike).  Since my whole blog is “About Me”, I chose to film my fraternity because it is such a big part of who I am. Pike has created a home away … More My House

Final Audio Story

For my final audio story I chose to expand on my draft story of interviewing my two best friends, Kyle Lobster and Paige Brandon. Again, this story could be considered an “acts and tracks” basic radio story. Like I stated in my draft story, the clips of Paige and Kyle could be considered actualities.  However, … More Final Audio Story

Draft Audio Story

For my audio story, I chose to interview two of my closest friends, Kyle Lobster and, Paige Brandon. These interviews are about their college experiences and they relate to my topic of “All About Me” because my listeners are hearing first hand information about two of my dearest peers. This story could be considered an … More Draft Audio Story